Celtic oppidum & Beer Barrel Polka


Zbraslav is famous for its monastery from the 13th century, where some members of the royal family were buried. The monastery has now been rebuilt into a castle.

Above Zbraslav is the hill Závist, on which a huge Celtic oppidum used to stand. Its fortifications could shelter up to 40,000 people.

The most famous native is the composer Jaromír Vejvoda, who is the author of the world-famous song Škoda lásky (Beer Barrel Polka).

In many countries of the world, it became domesticated especially during the Second World War, when it was sung by soldiers at the front. American General Dwight Eisenhower reportedly said that Škoda lásky helped the Allies survive and win World War II, even though the same song was sung also by the defeated Germans. On the one hand it was sung in English as Beer Barrel Polka, Roll Out the Barrel or Here Comes the Navy, on the other in German as Rosamunde or Böhmische Polka.

At the birthplace of Jaromír Vejvoda, the very last leg of our rally will start on Saturday.