Bugatti Rally Solo Brescia

Thanks to all organizers and participants!


Bugatti Rally Solo Brescia 2023

The International Bugatti Rally Solo Brescia 2023 in the Czech Republic, is a gathering of Bugatti enthusiasts and their historic cars in the Czech Republic.

SOLO BRESCIA 2023 is announced for Bugatti Brescia Type 13, 22, 23 historic cars.


Monday to Sunday
10-17 September 2023


Here are tracks for each day. They can still change a bit.

Day 1

Monday 11.9.

Karlovy Vary, Loket, Bečov

Day 2

Tuesday 12.9.

Pilsen region

Day 3

Wednesday 13.9.

Castles and caves

Day 4

Thursday 14.9.

Křivoklátsko region

Day 5

Friday 15.9.

4 castles

Day 6

Saturday 16.9.

Prague, Zbraslav

Event Location

Darovanský Dvůr, Czech Republic

Event centre will be at Resort Darovanský Dvůr. During the event we will try to show you interesting places in the Czech Republic- castles, monasteries, historical and technical monuments, museums and private collections.

Want to tune in to the right atmosphere?

Listen to Bugatti Step by Czech composer Jaroslav Ježek!

Jaroslav Ježek was inspired by the Bugatti car that won a race at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno in 1930. At the same time, the composition was a tribute to the Czech car racer Eliška Junková, who also raced in a Bugatti (e.g. in the Targa Florio race). The inspiration from car racing is also evident in the composition itself, which is built on the interval of a fifth, and the entire composition is also permeated by a rhythmic pulse that is strikingly reminiscent of a four-stroke engine.

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