Bugatti Rally Solo Brescia

10-17 September 2023, Darovanský Dvůr, Czechia

About The Event

Bugatti Rally Solo Brescia 2023

The International Bugatti Rally Solo Brescia 2023 in the Czech Republic, is a gathering of Bugatti enthusiasts and their historic cars in the Czech Republic.

SOLO BRESCIA 2023 is announced for Bugatti Brescia Type 13, 22, 23 historic cars.


Monday to Sunday
10-17 September 2023

Event Schedule

Preliminary program

The weekend 09.-10.9.2023 is designated for transportation.

Darovansky Dvur


Parking of participating vehicles (and crew member vehicles) will be at the hotel site. Hotel check-in followed by the vehicle check-in.

Each vehicle owner is responsible for the technical condition of his/her vehicle, which must meet technical requirements for operation on the public road. Night driving is also planned, so please make sure that the headlights are properly functioning.

Caution! The law in the Czech Republic requires the headlights on at all times.

Each vehicle must carry a medical kit and an emergency warning triangle.

Only crew members that are registered on the roster can be in the car during the rides. Any change must be reported to the organizers at the pre ride check-in.

Opening ceremony and dinner

As a part of the opening ceremony there will be an introduction of the event organizing members and of all the participating vehicle crews.


Daily rides

After a buffet breakfast, crews will gather for the ride of the day.

The daily distance limit is a maximum of 220 km. For each ride, the crews will receive a classic map. Participants can also download the maps to their mobile phones using the free app .

Before each dinner a discussion forum will be held with the riders and the route for the following day will be presented. The crews will get the route map with the points of interest, gas stations and rest areas. Also the lunchtime location will be announced.

The routes will be on regular roads only, not motorways. To avoid congested traffic as much as possible they will be routed around towns and cities.

The course will lead to the interesting places in the Czech Republic, castles, monasteries, historical and technical monuments, museums and private collections.

National Technnical Museum

The National Technical Museum

The start of the last event route to Prague. A tour of The National Technical Museum (NTM) will be arranged. That is where the oldest and fifth produced Bugatti type 13 No. 365 is on display.

All participating Bugatti Brescia vehicles will be parked in the rear wing of the NTM, thus becoming part of the museum's exhibition for the day. The vehicles will be guarded and monitored by the NTM service. The participants will have free access throughout the NTM.

Chateu Letna


After the tour we will walk through Letna Park to Letna Chateau for lunch, approximately 200 metres from the NTM.

Historic tram

Sightseeing with historic tram

After the lunch a historic tram (tram stop approximately 1km from the NTM) will take the participants through historic Prague with a final tour of the Tram Museum. After that we will return to the vehicles.

Participation in the tram ride is not mandatory, those who prefer a full day visit to the NTM can stay at the museum or explore Prague.

Departure to hotel

Together departure through the center of Prague to our hotel.

Return to the hotel for the final dinner and conclusion of the event.


After breakfast, it is necessary to leave the hotel by 11 a.m.

Departure and arrival times may be adjusted as needed by the organizers during the event.

Event Location

Darovanský Dvůr, Czech Republic

Event centre will be at Resort Darovanský Dvůr. During the event we will try to show you interesting places in the Czech Republic- castles, monasteries, historical and technical monuments, museums and private collections.

Information for drivers

  • The rallies will be held on open roads, closely following the traffic rules of the Czech Republic. Drivers must carry a valid driver's license and documentation for their vehicles. The organizers are not carrying any liability for damage to health or property. Each crew must follow organizers instructions, the regulations of the ride and respect the traffic rules.

  • The registration closed on January 31st, 2023. Contact organizers in case of interest.

  • SOLO BRESCIA 2023 is announced for Bugatti Brescia Type 13, 22, 23 historic cars.

    The organizer reserve the right to select vehicles and grant exceptions.

  • The event fee is per the car crew (2 person). It includes refreshments and meals during the entire event, 7 nights in a hotel, 3 gala evenings with the dinner, event organization and towing service during the event. Each crew will receive a commemorative plaque and gifts.

    All crews selected to participate in SOLO BRESCIA 2023 will receive payment instructions from the organizer to pay the event entry fee after registration deadline.

    The event fee must be paid by February 28th, 2023.

    If the crew withdraws from the event by June 30th 2023, half of the registration fee will be refunded. In case of withdrawal after this date, the registration fee will not be refunded.

  • During registration, each crew member will receive a Solo Brescia 2023 participant badge, which will allow access to the event premises. The badge is also confirming eligibility for refreshments and meals. For the above reasons, it is necessary to have the badge for the duration of the event.

  • For the duration of the event, vehicles must display their assigned number, which will be affixed to the front and the rear of the vehicle so as not to obscure the vehicle registration number. The numbers will be assigned by the organizer. The crew must keep the vehicle marked with these numbers throughout the event.

  • Meals and refreshments will be provided for participants throughout the event, including lunch, breakfast and dinner. 3 gala dinners and 3 buffet dinners will be provided.

    In the application form, participants can indicate any special dietary requests (allergies, vegetarian, etc.)

  • As a result of the current global crisis surrounding the COVID-19, special hygiene and epidemiological measures may be declared. Failure to follow the required measures may result in the exclusion of the crew from the event.

  • Unfortunately, the peace in Europe is now threatened by Russia's aggression to Ukraine. Should the conflict escalate and disrupt the life on the Czech Republic soil, the organizer will be forced to cancel the event on the given date.

    The money deposited will not be refunded but used to fund the event at a later date when conflict ends.

  • Please note the event rules and regulations, regarding of alcohol consumption, places where the main battery supply must be switched off, places where smoking is not allowed for fire protection, speed limits, road safety; etc.

    The use of modern GPS technology, mobile phones, paper maps is allowed during the trips, assuring that the crews always reach their destination safely.

    Due to weather, fatigue and other reasons, it is not necessary to participate in the ride every day. However, please report non-participation of individuals before the start of the ride to the organizers.

  • A tow truck will be on the course throughout the event and can be called in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Please use only in case of extreme emergency. Mobile technical support from Rondoni family will be available throughout the event.

  • The casual style will be expected during the event. Dress code. Period sportswear with respect to the period of the participating cars is welcome, (knickerbockers etc...)

    On September 15th 2023 Vive la Marque on the anniversary of Ettore Bugatti's birthday, blue dress code will be required throughout the day. The social and celebratory evening will indeed be in blue. Jeans will not be allowed that day.

Event fee

Event fee is per car crew (2 person). Packages differ only in the type of accommodation. The event fee includes refreshments and meals during the entire event, 7 nights in a hotel, 3 gala evenings with the dinner, event organization and towing service during the event. Each crew will receive a commemorative plaque and gifts.

CZK 69.000,-

  • room
  • 18 m2
  • 2 single beds
  • safety deposit box

CZK 73.000,-

  • room
  • 23 m2
  • 2 single beds or 1 double bed
  • safety deposit box, fridge

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Czech Bugatti Club

+420 733 448 336

Event director

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